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Welcome to our New Age Shop

Destiny Rising is a mystical Bazaar inhabited by a wonderful variety of esoteric treasures and unusual gifts

The New Age shop & healing centre opened in the summer of 1998, and is owned and operated by Dana Morgan who is beautifully assisted by the very sweet and knowledgeable shop Faeries. Many unique readers, healers, therapists, and teachers make up the caring and nurturing team that we have here today.

At Destiny Rising, we believe in supporting all the many paths to the Divine, regardless of culture, tradition, or experience. Whether you're interested in Angels, Faeries, Wicca, Buddhism, Reiki, Tarot, or any of the many magickal traditions, we have something to excite your spirit and feed your soul ... And maybe even a trinket or two for the God or goddess in your life!

Our New Age shop is home to a comprehensive selection of divination tools, resources, and books for those who are finding their own way in exploring the spiritual. Whether you are well-versed in esoteric subjects or just beginning to explore the possibilities, Destiny Rising is here to help.

What you can expect to find...

We stock Angels, Faeries, Buddhas, Incense oils and resins, Divination Tools, Aura sprays, Crystals, Jewelery, Pagan goods, Tarot cards, Books, CDs, Candles, Workshops, Therapies, Readings, Spell-casting, Nutrition, Psychic spirit guide portraits and much, more.

A warm welcome awaits all visitors to Destiny Rising, situated in Battlers Green, Radlett... You could even pop into The Bull Pen tea room next door for a home-made cream tea! Or browse the eleven other unique outlets that make up this tranquil rural shopping village.

Not local to Radlett and Destiny Rising? Then check out our New Age shop online, we are constantly adding new and interesting Holistic products and divination tools

While you're here you can find out more about our psychic readings and discover the benefits of Deardra’s online spells...

We hope you enjoy your online shopping experience with Destiny Rising and look forward to hearing from you.

Blessed Be

Dana and all at Destiny Rising