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Children love coming into our shop. They are often particularly drawn to the crystals and surprisingly often prefer adding to their crystal collection than buying sweets!

Parents often ask us if there is anything to help with sleepless children and night terrors. Well, of course we bring out our famous little crystal sleep pouch. A collection of crystals that together induce relaxed and peaceful sleep. Every pouch of crystals is cleansed and charged with Reiki healing by us before being sent out. They have always worked like a dream... to excuse the pun!  And many mums and dads around here swear by them!

For night terrors we suggest a dream catcher to be hung above the bed or in the window. it's the native American Indian way of catching the bad dreams and only allowing the good ones through the dream catchers web.

Or a worry notepad to write and therefore release anything troubling them. Very good practise we think!

sleep pouch
worry peg
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